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We have provided mediation services to Alaskans throughout the State for more than 25 years. We work cross-culturally and inter-faith.

Our strength is in engaging all parties so they are willing and ready to find their common ground. Our approach fosters civility and community. Our goal is always to emerge with an agreement on at least one of the facets of the problem. We do not support “all or nothing” negotiation.

We meet as a group or in separate rooms. We can meet using Skype or other video chat service for small electronics to bring people from around Alaska to one table. We can teleconference or utilize large audio-visual screens and connections. We can conference in people from all over the world. Attorneys are always welcome at our sessions.

We are sensitive to the specific interests and needs of the communities/parties who employ us, while building
connections with other individuals, resource development, military and environmental interests. We navigate issues involving the social, environmental (health) and governance concerns of projects, in sum, encourage a discussion on sustainability.

We regularly mediate with couples, families and parent-child. We offer victim-offender mediation and work in restorative justice as well.

While conflict between divorcing parties or unmarried parents is painful, talking through issues with a trained mediator gives each party the power to state concerns, craft an answer and to listen to other ideas. This approach is the best method available to navigate the court system today: mediate the matters until a solution is found.

Elder care and guardianship is an arena where mediation is by far the best approach for the older adult. The sessions can be timed to the elder’s schedule and needs instead of calendared and held in an open courtroom.

We have extensive experience mediating multiple party and complex issues, facilitating completion of such projects
as the Project Chariot super fund clean-up, oil spill response and the development of various ports and waterfronts
around this great state.

We have also mediated construction disputes, landlord tenant disputes, employee/employer (non-union) disputes and
guardianship disputes and CHINA cases.

We work collaboratively as necessary, bringing in recognized experts when their knowledge serves our clients.

We have extensive training in counseling psychology, family mediation, business mediation and environmental mediation.

Our FEE SCHEDULE is determined by the type and complexity of the mediation. Family matters are generally billed
by the hour, business / government clients are billed at a daily flat-fee rate.

Do you need resolution? Please visit our website and call us. MEDIATE DON’T LITIGATE.