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There is no common law marriage in Alaska. However, if you and your partner have lived together and acquired assets, you may want to consider a property division under our well-developed body of Domestic Partnership law.

We have over twenty years of expertise and experience in dispute resolution and general civil litigation. The firm is structured to deliver personal attention, accomplish in-depth discovery, and utilize the services of experts as necessary.  We work effectively in and out of court and can successfully negotiate multiple issue disputes.  Our focus and preference is conflict resolution.  Mediation, settlement conferences and unbundled services are methods we use to empower clients seeking their own solutions.   However, we also employ trained and experienced trial lawyers and are always prepared to provide efficient and effective trial representation if litigation is necessary.

Attorney C. Kay Denny brings a broad background of professional and life experience to the practice.  A long-time Alaskan, she has negotiated environmental permits for large projects and worked as a boat owner and commercial fisher.   Her counseling practice in Southeast Alaska expanded into family systems counseling and divorce mediation before a solid body of  Alaska family case law had been developed.   Ms. Denny mediated dozens of divorces before attending law school.

Today, Ms. Denny has integrated years of experience in government, business and family counseling with Alaska’s court rules, case law and legal strategies to benefit our clients.

She applies her knowledge and experience with each client to determine the building blocks required to accomplish their goals.  Unraveling government procedures and policies, clarifying our client’s intent when entering a contract, assessing our client’s financial needs, assisting our client in developing a communication and parenting strategy to accomplish their goals, helping families talk about the hard questions before drafting estate documents, determining child safety, assessing abuse, these are a few of the many tasks which Ms. Denny may pursue to assist our clients.

These procedures and facts are also used to found legal documents and to assist the client in choosing whether to promote settlement or to proceed with litigation.  Once our legal strategies are defined, we work with our clients to decide if we want to initiate settlement or proceed with litigation.  Our firm’s ability to do these things promotes ultimate client satisfaction.

Nothing about conflict is pleasant, but our skills and our strategies facilitate our clients’ trust in the outcomes.

We work specifically in the following issues:

Family Law

  • Marriage
  • Domestic Partnerships
  • Divorce or Dissolution
  • Domestic Violence
  • Adoptions
  • Property Division
  • Child and Spousal Support
  • Custody and Visitation
  • Post-Judgment Enforcement
  • Interim Finances

Environmental and Natural Resources law

  • Permitting small and large projects
  • Multiple issues, Multiple party dispute resolution
  • Strategic project planning
  • Litigation
  • Comprehensive counseling

Elder Law

  • Social Security
  • Wills
  • Advanced Directives
  • Guardianship

We take pride in providing prompt, personal service.

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